Booking Terms & Conditions

I agree to the MSC Terms and Conditions. Specific references to Prices and Bookings are not relevant, and fall under Seil-Safari’s Terms.

Once you have booked, you need to agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions set out below. You must not make any booking unless you understand and agree to all our Terms and Conditions.


Seil-Safari operates a Dynamic Pricing Policy. Bookings not secured within the time frame and with the minimum payment will automatically be cancelled. Seil-Safari cannot guarantee that the same price/cabin category/cabin type or cruise date will be available to rebook where bookings have been cancelled.

How to secure your cruise booking

Full payment within 7 days will secure your booking. Please note that should payment not be made within 7 days, your booking will unfortunately be cancelled.


Seil-Safari is a bank approved beneficiary. Payments can also be made to: Account name: LAC Seil Safari; A/c Number: 409 317 6933; Bank ABSA Cheque account; Branch 632005. In all instances please use your Booking Number as the Beneficiary Reference when making a payment. Proof of payment to be e−mailed to

Cruise Tickets − Tickets will be issued at least 21 days prior to departure. Tickets are sent via e-mail and should be printed and presented at the port for embarkation.


All passengers (Adults and Children) are responsible for presenting the correct documents when boarding the vessel. Passengers must be in possession of valid passports and any visa or immunisations required for all scheduled ports at which the cruise ship will call. (Not intending to disembark at a port does not exclude a passenger from obtaining the required visas and vaccinations). Please check with the relevant Embassies. Passengers who do not present the necessary documentation will not be permitted to embark the ship.

NNB! Immigration Laws in respect of Adults travelling with children under 18. Please take note of the new Immigration laws in respect of Adults travelling with children under 18 – available for your convenience on our website Seil-Safari is not responsible for ensuring that passengers are in the possession of the required travel documentation in order to be permitted to embark the ship, this is the sole responsibility of the passengers travelling. Where passengers arrive at the port and are not in possession of the required travel documentation Seil-Safari are neither required nor liable to rebook, refund or otherwise reimburse or compensate the passengers.


Dining seating time is not guaranteed and preferences are subject to confirmation once on board. Tables generally accommodate 8, 6, 4 passengers, private dining is not available in the main dining rooms.


Cabin numbers indicated on the Cruise Tickets are not final, and can be changed right up until departure date. Seil-Safari and MSC will guarantee the same or a higher category of cabin where cabin numbers have been changed for operational reasons.


The mandatory MSC travel insurance policy is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company, an authorised financial services provider (17698) and managed by Oojah Travel Protection.

Hollard has authorised Oojah to manage this policy on Hollard’s behalf in terms of a written binder agreement. Oojah deals with your information and your queries. The policy wording and the schedule is the legal contract between you (the fare paying passenger on MSC Cruises South Africa under the age of 86 years) and Hollard. Please ensure that you read the policy wording in full and refer specifically to the terms, conditions and exclusions of cover. Please call 0861HLLRDT (0861455738) should you need to discuss the cover provided. We would like to draw your attention specifically to the following: The policy does not provide cover for any medical claim relating to a pre−existing medical condition. You may not leave any valuable items or cash in your checked−in baggage. You must report any claim relating to damage/loss to MSC immediately. You must obtain authorisation for all medical claims in excess of R5,000 immediately. Please call: 011 991 8610.

** Only children who are the legal/adopted children of the adults with whom they are travelling share in the adults cover, a separate policy must be purchased for all other children. Please purchase this through your local MSC Cruises Office as no passenger will be permitted to embark the ship without the required insurance. MSC Cruises may request proof of insurance purchased. The Policy Wording is also available on the website for ease of convenience.


All passengers must embark the ship at least 3 hours prior to sailing. Please take note of the check−in times on your confirmation before making any flight bookings. For local cruises check−in closes promptly 1.5 hours prior to sailing.


Disembarkation at Pomene is weather dependent and the Captain of the ship will give final approval, and always keep safety as the main concern.


Pre-paid Packages are available to be added when making your booking and paid for together with the cabin selected. These packages are available on our website: Prepaid packages can be emailed together with your final cruise tickets once your cruise has been paid in full.


There are transfer service (at an additional charge per person) between both King Shaka International Airport in Durban and Durban Port when the ship is in harbour.


Checked Luggage: There is no weight restriction for cruising, however to avoid delays, each guest (adult & child) is permitted only 1 (one) bag as checked luggage on cruises of 4 nights and less. 1 Bag per person will be accepted free of Charge; any additional bags will be transported subject to space availability and $25 per bag will be converted into USD at the actual exchange rate and added to the guests on board account. On longer cruises guests are encouraged to limit their checked luggage to two suitcases per person. We recommend that guests take smaller bags so as not to clutter the cabin area where space is limited. Carry−on Luggage: Passengers on cruises of 4 nights and less can carry on 1 (one) small bag each. Carry−on Luggage: Passengers on cruises of 4 nights and less can carry on 1 (one) small bag each. Carry−on luggage may not exceed 126 cm in combined length; width and height including any handles and wheels. (Length of 56 cm, width of 45 cm, depth of 25 cm.)


The Booking Confirmation is a confirmation from Seil-Safari that a cabin has been set aside/removed from the available cabin inventory for you following your expression of interest and your request to Seil-Safari to provide the Cruise to you and to book the Additional Services on your behalf, for the dates, times and at the price (“Package Price”) indicated in the Booking Confirmation. The Booking Confirmation is in the normal course only open for acceptance by you for a period of 7 days (“Purchase Period”) after the date on which it is sent to you.

To book the Cruise Ticket and any Additional Services set out in the Booking Confirmation, you must within the Purchase Period, pay the full amount for the cruise and all Additional Services as indicated in the Booking Confirmation to Seil-Safari by credit card or by electronic funds transfer (“EFT”) into the bank account set out in the Booking Confirmation. If you do not pay the full amount required and set forth in the Booking Confirmation within the Purchase Period or by return the same day (as applicable), the offer contained in the Booking Confirmation will lapse and the cabin placed back into the Cruise Inventory for sale, and to book a Cruise and any Additional Services, you will have to complete a new booking request. Seil-Safari can’t guarantee that the same cabin category or cabin number and/or Additional Services will be available to you at the same cruise fare or price.

Note however, that in the event of the booking enquiry being done electronically, even if you have remitted the full amount at the stage of your making the request for a booking and prior to or subsequent to the transmission and receipt by you of an automatically and electronically generated Booking Confirmation from Seil-Safari, then nevertheless the booking is not yet final until Seil-Safari have had an opportunity to manually verify all details related to the booking including the availability of the cabins requested, any specials relative to the cruise, the pricing and the itinerary: you will in the event of all such details being verified, correct and available, be advised accordingly within 7 days of your enquiry and only in the event of all such details being confirmed, will you receive a final confirmation of your booking (“Final Booking Confirmation”).


You warrant that all information which you provide to Seil-Safari in your Booking/Registration Form is true and correct at the time when you submit the form.

You agree that Seil-Safari may use the information which you have provided in your MSC Passenger Registration Form to provide you with marketing material relating to the Cruises and Additional Services. Your information is governed by our Online Privacy policy which you are able to read and agree to before submitting you’re the form and Seil-Safari will endeavour to maintain confidentiality as regards your details provided to it or its agents by such electronic or other means, unless required to disclose the same by due legal process. The passenger manifests (passenger lists) containing personal information of the passengers travelling on board the vessel remains the property of Seil-Safari and MSC, is confidential and we are not at liberty to disclose any personal passenger information contained in these lists unless obliged to do so in law.


By making a booking for a Cabin/Cruise Ticket and any Additional Services for other people, you confirm that such other people have authorised you to accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.


The Package Price includes:

  1. The cost of the Cruise Ticket (“Cruise Fare”);
  2. Service Costs for Additional Services requested to be provided by Service Providers as outlined in Point 2 ;
  3. All meals. Water, coffee and tea at certain times.
  4. A hotel service charge (“Hotel Service Charge”).(During your cruise you will meet staff throughout the ship, who provide you with an excellent service. They are supported by just as many staff and crew who work behind the scenes to ensure you enjoy every moment on board.)
  5. Port and baggage charges (“Port Charges”) levied for the use of port facilities (which exclude car parking on port property which is an additional expense) and the handling of your luggage; and
  6. A travel insurance premium (“Insurance Premium”) for the travel insurance as explained in clause 12 below.

Cabin/Cruise Ticket and any Additional Services must be paid in full within 7 days from Booking.

All credit card payments made to Seil-Safari are processed through the “PayFast” merchant vendor.

If you fail to pay the full amount to Seil-Safari by the Payment Date, Seil-Safari may cancel your booking and may retain a Service fee for administrative costs. Note that from time to time Seil-Safari will, as the date scheduled for embarkation on a particular cruise approaches, have some berths unsold and may for commercial reasons decide to offer special once off promotional fares, packages or add on discounted benefits to fill all unsold berths or cabins for that cruise, which will obviously be lower or apparently more attractive to passengers than the fares, packages or benefits originally advertised for that cruise.

No booking already made can be transferred or exchanged for a booking relying on such a promotional fare or package.


When you buy beverages on board the ship during your Cruise, an amount of 15% of the cost per purchase will be added to your bill as a gratuity for the staff who serve you your beverages.

Pre-paid vouchers are available for purchasing beverages on board. Please note that if you elect to purchase such vouchers, they expire 3 years after the date of purchase and may not at any time be redeemed for cash, during or after the cruise.


During the Cruise you may wish to make purchases from the on board shops, restaurants, bars and other outlets. All purchases made on board the Cruise Ship is made in United States Dollars (“USD”).

When you board the Cruise Ship you will receive an identity card (“Cruise Card”) which is also used to pay for your on board purchases. The ship is a cashless environment and when making on board purchases, you will do so using your “Cruise Card”. (The on board casinos only accept cash for gambling purposes). These transactions are between MSC and the Passenger.

All of your on board purchases are recorded on an on board account opened in your name. The full amount due for on board purchases made is required to be paid before being permitted to disembark the Cruise Ship at the end of the Cruise.

You may link the Cruise Cards of other passengers to your on board account.

Before you can start making purchases using your Cruise Card, you must go to the relevant counter on the Cruise Ship to open your on board account. To do this you must give MSC your credit card account details and sign a receipt permitting MSC:

  • to request your bank to authorise MSC to charge your on board purchases to your credit card up to an amount of USD 250; and
  • if you’re on board purchases exceed USD 250, for every USD100 or part thereof which you spend thereafter, to request your bank to authorise MSC to charge USD 100 or part thereof to your credit card.

On the last night of your Cruise, MSC will deliver 2 copies of an invoice for your on board account transactions to your cabin. You must check the on board purchases recorded in the invoice and sign and return one copy of the invoice to the accounting office on board. You may keep the other copy for your records.

Please note that the only amount which is deducted from your credit card is the amount reflected in the invoice. The amounts which the bank authorises MSC to charge to your credit card are not deducted from your credit card account but are put on hold by your bank for a period of up to 15 to 20 days after the Cruise has ended so that there are funds available to pay MSC the amount of your invoice.

If you would rather use cash / a debit card / cheque card or cash passport to activate your account, you must deposit a minimum amount of USD 200 per person (and USD 300 per family) into your on board account and should your on board purchases exceed the deposit paid, the balance due on your account must be paid in cash before you leave the Cruise Ship, alternatively should your deposit made exceed your actual on board spending, the balance is to be requested to be refunded on board at the Reception/Accounting desk before disembarking the ship.

MSC or Seil-Safari will not be liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of your not having obtained payment out of the credit balance on your account on board, before disembarking the ship and the onus will rest with you to recover any funds due to you from your bank.

You may not use your Cruise Card to pay for any activities which you participate in when you leave the Cruise Ship at any Port.


Should you cancel your cruise booking the pre-estimate of damages set out below shall apply and be immediately payable. Please note, no refund will be considered, made or permitted if you seek to terminate your cruise after embarkation or while the cruise is in progress, for whatsoever cause.


The following cancellation fees is applicable.

  • More than 90 days before 1 April 2019: Service charge of R500
  • 89 – 40 days before 1 April 2019: 50% of the cruise fare
  • 0 – 39 days before 1 April 2019: 100% of the cruise fare

Subject to the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, you will not be entitled to any refund if:

  • you do not board the MSC Cruise Ship at the time and/or on the date when it leaves the port at which you were scheduled to board the Cruise Ship; or
  • you board the Cruise Ship at a port other than the port at which you were scheduled to board the Cruise Ship; or
  • for any reason you leave the Cruise before it ends; or
  • You do not check in and/or board the Cruise Ship no later than the check in time indicated in your confirmation of booking or the embarkation time indicated on your cruise ticket.


MCS / Seil-Safari may cancel your Cruise at any time by giving you written notice of cancellation. If before or during a Cruise, MSC cancels your Cruise for any reason, Seil-Safari may at their sole discretion and election refund you the amount of your Cruise Fare in proportion to the part of the Cruise which has not been performed; or MSC may transfer you to another Cruise of a similar, but not necessarily identical, class and type, sailing substantially the same route with substantially similar accommodation and facilities as on the Cruise for which you booked. Note that any Cruise to which MSC may at their sole election, transfer you, will be within the same South African cruise season and no bookings or reservations will be transferred between one South African cruise season and another, whether resulting from your request or cancellation (as provided for in clauses 13 and/or 15), or resulting from a cancellation by MSC as provided for. Your attention is specifically drawn to the provisions that MSC / Seil-Safari shall not be liable for any loss or damages which you may suffer if for any reasons beyond MSC / Seil-Safari’s control, MSC / Seil-Safari is required to cancel your Cruise. A change in the intended or advertised itinerary, destination port or area, rotation of ports or destinations or any shore excursion, shall not constitute a cancellation of your cruise, nor shall an inability or failure of the vessel to sail from the port of embarkation or any intermediate port on or at the schedule time or date, or at all, constitute such a cancellation of your cruise.


You must ensure that you have a valid and appropriate passport and if necessary, a valid and appropriate visa or permit and all other required entry documents (collectively “Travel Documents”), for all scheduled Ports at which the Cruise Ship is scheduled to stop for the duration of your Cruise. MSC and Seil-Safari is not responsible for ensuring that you have all necessary Travel Documents. You must present the necessary Travel Documents for inspection as required on entering and exiting any Port. MSC / Seil-Safari is not liable for any loss, damages, costs or expenses which you may suffer or incur if due to incorrect or incomplete Travel Documents, you are denied embarkation at any Port. MSC may at any time request to inspect your Travel Documents.


Provided that Seil-Safari has received full payment of the invoice, Seil-Safari will send you “Cruise Tickets” – containing all necessary tickets for your Cruise and any Additional Services which you have booked, and setting out the applicable dates of your Cruise and Additional Services.


  • I declare that I will not hold MSC, Seil-Safari and Laeveld Agrochem, their partners and its employees, the boat, its owner and its crew liable for any accident, loss, damage, injury suffered by my passengers / guests and myself before, during and after the duration of the cruise, whether such occur ashore or afloat.
  • I hereby confirm that my passengers / guests and I are participating in this cruise solely at our own risks and indemnify MSC / Seil-Safari and its employees in respect of any claims arising out of this cruise
  • I understand that I will have to cooperate fully with the crew and diligently comply with all safety systems.
  • I agree that the command of the Vessel shall rest solely with the Captain. In the event of bad weather, mechanical failure or force majeure, the Captain has the final say.
  • I agree to be responsible for any damages that might incur during the trip on the external or internal of the boat, its equipment, material, upholstery and all other parts that may have been caused due to me or my guests and agree to pay the charges, which corresponds to the value of repair or purchasing the equipment or particular part of the boat. I confirm that I am fully aware of the implications of Clauses (a), (b), (c), (d) & (e).